Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm (R890)

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Classic Design

The Galaxy watch 4 features a rotating bezel, giving it a classic old-school design. The watch incorporates high-end stainless steel materials, making it not just stylish but durable as well.



Customized Watch Faces

Personalize the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Bluetooth 46mm (R890) by switching up the watch faces. Each watch face has a unique design, so there?s guaranteed to be one that matches your style.

Activity Tracker

Who needs a fitness trainer when you can just buy the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and use its activity tracking features to monitor your routine. The watch can optimize health and fitness tracking for up to 90 excerices!

Heart Rate Monitor

With the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch's ECG tracker, you can check your heart rate in real-time and take a more active approach to improving your health.

Advanced Sleep Analysis

The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch can track sleep through each stage of the sleep cycle and help users recognize unhealthy patterns. The watch also provides useful insights from the national sleep foundation for improving sleep quality.

New OS

Samsungs Wear OS, designed specifically for the companys smartwatch series, gives users access to a wide range of awesome health, fitness, and lifestyle apps.